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About Us

Founded in 1986, Akfen Construction began its operations with contracting works and over the years diversified its activities to focus on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects that provide long-term and predictable cash flows, becoming one of the leading operators of PPP City Hospitals in Turkey. The majority of the company’s operations consist of managing city hospitals under the PPP model, while it also operates in real estate, dormitory management, and contracting.


The company’s activity portfolio can be summarized as follows:

Project Location Operation Type Planned/Actual Opening Date Contract Duration(*) Total Capacity
PPP Projects Isparta City Hospital Isparta PPP March 2017 24 years 3 months 845 beds
Eskişehir City Hospital Eskişehir PPP October 2018 28 years 1.150 beds
Tekirdağ City Hospital Tekirdağ PPP November 2020 24 years 3 months 605 beds
Student Dormitory Hacettepe Dormitory and Guest House Ankara Right of usage & Long-term lease to Ankara Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate January 2016 Right of usage period, starting from February 2013, for 49 years 2.264 students
Real Estate Portfolio İncek Loft Ankara Investment property June 2016 146 residential units and 39 commercial units
Romania Villa Romania Investment property Q4 2024 125 m2
Ongoing Contracting Projects Yalıkavak Loft Bodrum Construction Q2 2025 Delivery of site + 24 months 29 villas
The Sister of Mercy Hospital (**) Zagreb Construction and Strengthening Q4 2024 Delivery of site + 23 months Construction of 2 new buildings, restoration of 4 buildings
Kıyıkışlacık (Loft Iasos) Project Muğla Construction Q4 2027 Delivery of site + 36 months 464 facility
İskenderun State Hospital (***) Hatay Construction Q4 2025 Delivery of site + 550 days 600-bed hospital construction
Amasya State Hospital (****) Amasya Construction Q4 2026 Delivery of site + 1000 days 600-bed hospital construction
Emergency Hospitals (*****) Hatay Construction Q2 2024 Delivery of site + 150 days Construction of 3 hospitals each with 50 beds (40,850 m² construction area)

*Contract durations may be extended due to agreements reached with contract parties and/or pursuant to contract terms, and in some cases, annotated site delivery may occur, thus extending the project duration until actual site delivery.

**Akfen Construction and Dost Construction have indicated that 60% of the contract price corresponds to Akfen Construction and 40% to Dost Construction. All bidders will be jointly and severally responsible for fulfilling the contract obligations properly.

***The project is being carried out by Akfen Construction – Dost Construction General Partnership, and the company’s share in this partnership is 70%.

****The project is being carried out by Akfen Construction–Dost Construction Amasya State Hospital Construction Business General Partnership, and the company’s share in this partnership is 55%.

*****The project is being carried out by Akfen Construction Tourism and Trade Inc., Dost Construction, and Project Management Inc. Partnership, and the company’s share in this partnership is 55%.