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Contracting Projects

Since its establishment, the company has been participating in domestic tenders and forming partnerships, as well as engaging in various business partnerships abroad to undertake contracting works for infrastructure facilities such as roads, bridges, dams, ports, as well as industrial and touristic facilities. In some projects, the company also collaborates and partners with experienced contracting firms in the field.

Moreover, the company operates internationally through various partnerships, business associations, and consortia. One such project is the tender for the Renovation and Reconstruction of The Sister of Mercy Hospital located in Zagreb, Croatia, showcasing the company’s involvement in diverse projects abroad.

Over the 37 years since its foundation, the company has completed construction projects in various sectors and locations. These projects have been predominantly in areas that require operational expertise, such as infrastructure projects, hotels, airport terminals and runways, industrial facilities, and hydroelectric power plants.

The contract amounts for projects completed by the company since its inception are presented in the table below.


Completed Projects
Contract Completion Year Contract Amounts (USD)
1980-1990 16,750,351
1990-2000 222,641,119
2000-2010 744,877,561
2010-2020 1,631,115,251
2020-2022 275,055,380
Total 2,890,439,662


In addition, the company has completed the construction of 19 hydroelectric power stations (HES), including those operated by Akfen Renewable, with a total installed capacity of 268 MW for the HES projects it has completed.

The company has also completed the construction of 16 city hotels located in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) under Akfen REIT, as detailed below. Among the company’s completed projects is a holiday village in Bodrum, known as Bodrum Loft, which consists of 36 villas (92 rooms, 184 bed capacity) built with a Loft concept.


Location Project Number of Rooms
Zeytinburnu, İstanbul Novotel 208
Ibis Hotel 228
Eskişehir Ibis Hotel 108
TRNC Merit Park Hotel 286
Kayseri Novotel 96
Ibis Hotel 160
Trabzon Novotel 200
Gaziantep Novotel 92
Ibis Hotel 177
Bursa Ibis Hotel 200
Adana Ibis Hotel 165
Esenyurt, İstanbul Ibis Hotel 156
Alsancak, İzmir Ibis Hotel 140
Esenboğa, Ankara Ibis Hotel 147
Tuzla, İstanbul Ibis Hotel 200
Karaköy, İstanbul Novotel 200
Bodrum, Muğla Bodrum Loft 36 (villa)