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While directing our work and investments

As Akfen, studies are carried out for the sustainability of global and local resources within the Holding, its subsidiaries and subsidiaries. Paying attention to sustainability in investments enables it to fulfill its social duties, while making financing conditions more accessible..

We Care About the Future

In particular, it cares about the equalization of women’s positions in social and business life, creating employment for them, and realizing their efforts and dreams. It implements various projects for women who build our future with the children they raise.

We prepare young people for life

It invests in young people, namely the future, both with the Individual Development Program and International Award Program Turkey implemented by TIKAV, and with various donations and sponsorships.

We respect nature

While aiming to protect the world we live in and to develop the human being, who is the essence of everything, it counts being sensitive to the environment as one of its principles in order to achieve this.

support for the arts

Loft Art supports culture and art through the Ankara Film Festival and various projects.

We take an active role in civil society

Akfen Group, with all its subsidiaries and managers, takes an active role in many associations and non-governmental organizations established to contribute to Turkey’s economic growth.

2020 - 2021 Sustainability Report