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Akfen Holding

Incorporating the first company in 1976, Akfen attained the Holding status in 1999 and has become one of Turkey’s leading holdings in infrastructure investments by implementing numerous infrastructure projects in Turkey with its capacity as an investor.

Akfen Holding operates on the basis of the mission that the company has set as creating value in all sectors in which the company is active, and is the leading infrastructure platform that has an impact on the economic and human development in Turkey by inducing emergence of new sectors through the decisions on long-term investments in sustainable areas that the company observes high potential for future growth.

The lines of business that Akfen operate includes both investment in as well as management and coordination of the subsidiaries and affiliates in the industries such as construction, port management, maritime transport, water distribution and wastewater and solid waste services, mining, energy and real estate, etc.

The Holding has entered into partnerships with both nationally and internationally renowned entrepreneurial partners such as Tepe Construction Industry Inc., PSA International, Souter Investments LLP, Kardan N.V, UIB Group, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and IFM Investors, etc. Akfen Holding is also in strategic collaboration with ACCOR S.A., one of the world’s leading hotel chains, for the hotel brands Novotel and Ibis to be constructed in Turkey.

The shares of Akfen Holding, the public offering of which has been completed with the free float rate of 28.26% in 2010 and traded in the BIST under the share code “AKFEN”, have been delisted from the Stock Exchange as of 12.05.2016, upon completion of the process pursuant to the Communiqué on the Rights to Squeeze Out and Sell.

Serving as one of the exemplary communities in Turkey thanks to its management structure, the human resources potential and the uncompromising transparency policy, Akfen Holding continues to grow and improve the values of Turkey.

Akfen Construction currently undertakes construction projects for the hospitals,

Tourism facilities, dormitories, the residence projects and the construction works for the energy investments of Akfen Holding contracted on the basis of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.